Parton Recombination Primer

The development of the parton recombination model was driven by a series of observations, made by the RHIC experiments, which lacked a consistent explanation in the prevalent physics picture at that time. This primer will provide a brief overview of the recombination approach and guide the reader to references needed for a more extensive study.


A New Angle on the Ridge

The discovery of the “ridge” by the STAR Collaboration has proven stubbornly resistant to quantitative theoretical analysis. (See Berndt Mueller’s “Theorists Confront the Ridge” for a description of two recent attempts.) The discovery turns out to be nearly as resistant to historical analysis, at least for this outside observer. (more…)

Theorists confront the “Ridge”

The “ridge”, an elongated (in rapidity) structure in the two-particle correlations associated with a hard trigger hadron, keeps attracting the attention of theorists. [Stay tuned for a forthcoming review of the experimental status of the “ridge”.] Two recent preprints explore strikingly different explanations. (more…)