Questions Emerging from Discussions at the INT Program
Quantifying the Properties of Hot QCD Matter

An eight-week program entitled “Quantifying the Properties of Hot QCD Matter” was held at the Institute for Nuclear Theory in Seattle during May-July 2010 (Program 10-2a). For details of the program, see the workshop website, including the agenda and online slides of all talks.

Each week was devoted to discussion in a specific area, as follows:

  • New results from LHC and RHIC
  • Initial conditions, small x
  • Viscous hydrodynamics I
  • Viscous hydrodynamics II
  • Jet quenching
  • Strong versus weak coupling
  • Heavy flavor and quarkonium
  • Electromagnetic probes

The linked document contains a list of questions and challenges assembled by the organizers of the program, compiled at the end of each week. No attempt has been made to unify the presentation of topics or to resolve conflicting statements, and only minor editing has been applied. This document should be regarded as a snapshot of the field of hot QCD matter research in relativistic heavy ion collisions in summer 2010, as seen through the biased lenses of the six organizers (Brian Cole, Ulrich Heinz, Peter Jacobs, Yuri Kovchegov, Berndt Müller, and James Nagle.

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