How Important is Elastic Energy Loss at RHIC?

The Phenomenology of Elastic Energy Loss

The question: How much does elastic energy loss contribute to the jet quenching observed at RHIC? has baffled theorists for some time. (more…)

Consistent Relativistic Hydrodynamics

Stable first-order particle-frame relativistic hydrodynamics for dissipative systems

The authors of this manuscript propose a new formulation of stable first-order relativistic dissipative hydrodynamics in the particle frame, also called the Eckart frame. (more…)

Heavy Quark Primer

The use of charm quarks produced in ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions as QGP probes has a rich tradition, starting with the seminal paper by Matsui and Satz, predicting the suppression of J/Psi production in a QGP: (more…)