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Many of the posts of the Virtual Journal will address topics that are the subject of ongoing discussions among the members of the QCD matter community. Our readership may thus benefit from learning about differing points of view. For this purpose posts may be opened for comments. In the interest of keeping the discussion on-topic and maintaining the scientific purpose of the Virtual Journal, all comments are subject to approval by the moderators of the journal. We ask that commenters abide by the following simple rules:

  1. Only comments which directly contribute to the topic/discussion of the post will be published.
  2. We ask that commenters who wish to include references in their comments to please provide the SPIRES links which is labeled as the “Bookmarkable link to this information” URL of the SPIRES database entry.
  3. Comments whose sole purpose is to complain about the commenter’s work not being cited/mentioned in the Virtual Journal will be frowned upon and may not pass the moderator’s scrutiny.
  4. No anonymous comments or comments with fake IDs, pseudonyms, aliases, etc. will be tolerated – each commenter must sign her/his comment with full name and affiliation and provide an email address (preferably associated with an institution of higher education or a research laboratory or institute) at which (s)he can be reached.

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