The One That Started It All

The one that started it all was the first experimental paper from RHIC. (more…)

Time-Scales and Flavor Dependence of (Elliptic) Flow

Elliptic flow at ultra-relativistic energies, the preferential emission of matter along the impact parameter axis of the overlap zone of the two colliding nuclei, was first mentioned in our Hydro Primer. The main relevance of elliptic flow lies in the short timescales over which it is generated and its resulting sensitivity to the equation of state of the (QGP) medium. (more…)

Color Glass Condensate Primer

We asked Larry McLerran, the world’s leading expert on the Color Glass Condensate, to write this CGC primer for us: (more…)

The RHIC HBT Puzzle

The RHIC HBT Puzzle appeared at the Quark Matter 2001 conference in Stonybrook. At that meeting HBT source radii measurements were reported by the RHIC experiments with the R_out/R_side ratio being very close to unity – contrary to long-held expectations of this ratio being considerably larger than one for a decaying QGP. (more…)

Electromagnetic Radiation at RHIC

Electromagnetic radiation from nuclear collisions at RHIC energies

Dileptons and direct photons can carry information on the thermodynamic state of the deconfined medium at the moment of production – since they interact only electromagnetically they can leave the hot and dense reaction zone basically undistorted, making them valuable and direct probes of the intermediate QGP phase of the heavy-ion reaction. (more…)

Recent Hydro Developments

Improving the application of Relativistic Fluid Dynamics to relativistic heavy-ion collisions is an ongoing challenge and currently a very active area of research: recent notable preprints on the topic are centered around two main themes: (more…)